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About us

Eureka  "I found it"

This is the expression we want to hear when you found your solutions, your insight, or when you reached your goal. That is what we are about, to see you grow and go forward.

Eureka House
 -Personal coaching for individuals and staff.
 -Leadershcoaching for you who lead.
Regardless of whether we coach you as a private person or you as a company manager or employestaff you are the main character and the one who sets the agenda for our conversations.

We are three coaches who collaborate on larger projects. We have different backgrounds, experiences and different strengths, which means that we can come up with a greater breadth of coaching See hire a coach.

look at our packages ansee what we can help with.

My name is Peter Persson, who owns the company. I am the person you meet when you contact us. 

My story


The company was started in 2021 by me Peter Persson. I am 61 years old and have for a long time worked with people in various roles where I unofficially used coaching.

I have gained my experience as a leader in the world of school and church.


My background  

  • 12 years as a leader and pastor in various Christian churches and volunteer leadership.

  • 5 years in sales marketing information/communication. 

  • 9 years in the school world as a teacher.

  • 3 years as an integration coach within the Church of Sweden.

In 2021, I supplemented my background with a professional coach education and was certified within the ICF (International Coach Federation). As a coach, I have learned to use my experience in a structured way. Together with you as a client, we take it step by step and try to find your own solutions,  your own insights. By setting concrete goals for the the whole coach session and toward our next conversation1 or 2 weeks later then you can start your change.


Please see the attached. Here you can see what kind of demands you

can place on me as a coach based on the ICF's 8 competencies

If are a company leader and and want to see what kind of demands and

competencies you can expect when you buy coach services (click the PDF)

My education

  • 3 years of training in leadership and theological education. 

  • "on year "on the job training" as pastors and leadership training  in the USA.

  • One year of training in communication marketing and servicemanagement 

I see that my previous experiences were not completely wrong, but lies as a broad foundation of life experience as a family father  informer/communicator, music and band coach, pastor, teacher and integration bandcoach. Since my background is work in Christian contexts, I can offer (if requested) a coaching based on Christian faith.

I look forward to hear from you. Call me for a free talk for an hour and we can see if we match together.

Peter 73 542 67 29

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