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Some challenges we know managers face today.

​                                         - How do I manage the changes in the staff?

                                         - How do I know that the staff is doing well and

                                           not planning to quit?


Strengthening and equip your staff. 
  1.  A well-being staff creates a better environment both for the individual  the person and the company.

  2. Through relationship-based work management, a positive culture is more easily created.

  3. What tools can I use from my current toolbox, and what new tools do I need? 

  4. We have all three of ur or own leadership experiences and are based on a realistic coaching to find your/own solutions for your staff.


The need for coaching is increasing, why?

  • It is quite clear that the pandemic has changed the way we work. 50% ot the staff that are out of work for a longer period is today is related related to mental illness. 

  • Our culture is changing and we are making new demands on our own freedom. Today, especially the younger generation needs more co-determination.

  • New demands are placed on leaders. How we communicate, how we lead. We understand the need for help is at hand.

  • Many are fragile today and the manager is responsible for handling personal problems. 


How could a coach/coaches be of help?

Through personal coaching, the person/staff is given an opportunity to develop their personal problem solutions and future prospects without having to tell the manager.

Here you are relieved as chef as we can relieve the burden and continue the process after your development conversation.


From the skills found in our team, we have experience in own leadership. We also have extensive experience in leadership development, team coaching and personal coaching for staff and leaders. See person presentations below.


With a flexible and positive collaboration, we believe that we can create a resource pool where the needs can be met and also in the longer term develop a new extended customer satisfaction through a new culture of service and treatment and a well-being staff.

Hire a coach and get one or more coaches for a few days a week.


Our idea is to be a team with different competencies and strengths that work together on larger projects or complement each other in procured projects for a longer period of time.  We can strengthen the staff, leaders, managers through personal coaching and leadership development.

We are all certified and trained as professional coaches within ICF (International coach federation). as we collaborates on larger projects, it  gives us a  greater breadth to help support staff and leaders/managers.

We like to see an unconditional meeting as the start of a flexible collaboration that takes into account opportunities and the conditions that exist. Our starting price for a coach hour is SEK 1,200 with a coach. But here there are possibilities for subscriptions, flexible solutions, procurement for a period of time, etc. The price picture can be revised depending on the appearance of the assignment.

Who are we


Peter Persson 

Eureka  My focus and experience has been personal coaching to  leaders in smaller companies and private individuals. For 3 years I worked as an integration coach. Coaching in service and hospitality are areas I like to combine with personal coaching.

Patrik Sandberg business coach. Patrik has a focus on coaching senior business leaders and experience in many coaching projects at shopping centers and stores around the country. Lecture, team coach


Stephany Neve owns the companyMovementum AB  and has experience from the pharmaceutical industry and now own coach with extensive experience in  team coaching, leadership coaching and personal coaching and work as a pastor.


Furthermore, we have experience in communication work, lectures, long experience in personal conversations, team coaching and personal coaching within the church world. marketing advertising.


All coaching and lectures can take place in Swedish and English.

We combine digital meetings with personal meetings on site. prefeiblein the Stockholm area. 


Call or email Peter Persson 073-542 67 29

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