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Personal coaching

To you as a private person


“Getting a friendly challenge at the right time has the potential to create a life change"

“Gaining insights or discoveries can prove invaluable”

Coaching is a goal-directed process, which supports you to achieve goals faster and more efficiently.
It is based on you and what you need best for your development. It means an unconditional approach where I, as a coach, do not have a ready-made program but design this together with you."(Excerpt from ICF 8 core competencies)


Why do I think I can help and support?

I believe that you yourself are sitting on many of the solutions that I can elicit by asking the right questions as we understand your situation.


You are probably thinking, what is your background? 

No. 1. We like people and therefore have:​

  • 25 years of experience working to strengthen forward-looking objectives.

  •  Coach courses that provide tools to deepen the process of reaching a concrete goal and help you deepen your thinking, so you can find your own solutions.

How can our strengths and experiences help me?

Through a collaboration in a partnership, we can together help you find your insights that can provide your own solutions for the way forward and the change you are reaching for.

You might be asking: What am I really paying for?

  1. Help before decisions such as: Should I change jobs or? 

  2. Finding help for my big decision.

  3. Getting help to look ahead when you're stuck. 

  4.   qualified interlocutor/sounding board that helps you along the way in your relationship, with...

  5. The list can be long...

My best tip

Book a free call.

Book under: Book appointments or call Peter on 073-5426729

Personal Coaching for leaders  
Often the coaching we did together with leaders was combined with personal cOuching.
Where both personal needs and finding the driving force again. Or deal with my weaknesses that stop me and the company from growing or creates problems in the staff. 
Areas we worked on together with leaders.
- The fear of taking on tasks I don't really master.
- How do I handle the staff/certain people.
- To be a coaching leader and still a decision maker.
- Getting help to manage the family situation.
Based on your situation, we work together in a structured way to take you forward, for example by strengthening your leadership and the ability to lead, listen, coach and communicate. Here you are the one who owns the agenda and the coach guides and helps you in the process. 
"We listen to gain understanding. We ask to lead you towards your own discoveries"quote Keith Webb
You might be asking: What am I really paying for?
  1. Development of your goals
  2. To raise your results
  3. To provide tools for problem solving.
  4. Looking ahead and getting help to find a strategy 
  5. For a qualified interlocutor who will help you
    to find the way forward.your own solutions.
Call, email or book a free talk and coachtime call the you find on the contact page. So can be spoken to and see if our expectations match.
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