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Integration coaching

We all need to integrate when we come to a new culture.

  • Are you here to work or study for a while? 

  • Have you found the love of your life in this cold country. Unfortunately, it's not the most social and open culture you've come to, but you will find nice warm  and generous people. And, it is a beautiful country.       

  • Or maybe you are a refugee or asylum seeker and need a brand new start. We have long experience of integration that has provided cultural understanding through personal coaching in the schools,  churches' cafegatherings and more. 

                                    How can an integration coaching bring a long-lasting change.


We have extensive experience in integration and cultural understanding. Our coaching is therefore realistic and adapted to reality. We have helped many people find work and get into Swedish culture. We would like to get to know you and walk beside you for a while. At the same time, talk about what is the good things to keep from your culture and what you might need to leave behind.

We believe that getting 6-10 hours of coaching to understand your background, your strengths, talents and background can be a good starting point for a customized integration on your terms. Questions like: What have you done well? what have you succeeded in? With this questions you find your own discoveries from your own reflection and background, Then we understand who you are and where you come from. We are trained to ask questions that help you think and expand your thought process. With support from us you can find the goals you can see are realistic, measurable, time-bound, etc. We help you out how to find and set goals for change. 


We ask questions like. How can Sweden become a new and good homeland for you? What do you know about life in Sweden by learning about the culture, behaviour? How can you adapt in certain areas to make you and perhaps your family understand how we think? These are questions that can speed up the process of finding your place in the new country and perhaps actively start looking for your new jobs and establishing your ways of connecting with the culture.

This analysis is followed by 2.3 concrete "action steps" that are worked out based on each conversation. This requires great cultural understanding and sensitivity to find the right understanding. In many parts of the world, people think collectively. For example, your family may mean a lot to you. It is the same for us, but the thinking is different in Sweden, with both good and bad results. This means that we as coaches may need to gain an understanding of your context. 


                  Be proud of your culture

Then begins the process of learning to be proud of one's culture and at the same time blend into a new culture. It can be fun but sometimes also difficult.

Strengthening your self-esteem combined with implementing practical short and long-term plans with feasible action plans and goals is important in our vision. A large dose of respect, encouragement and confirmation is needed to start a change process. Respect from both you and the coach.

Here we have long experience of meeting people from different cultures, ages and social background. For larger coaching/training projects, we have good collaborations with other coaches. Conversations can be conducted in both Swedish and English. The price is discussed based on the number of customers and number of hours.


Let yourself be changed. At the same time, keep the good from your culture.

By letting you give your own picture of what you see as opportunities in the future, based on your background, education, talent, family situation, we try to help find a strategy anchored in a reality-based picture of Swedish conditions. We set long and short realistic "smart" goals to be achieved or partially achieved at the end of our coaching time. On each occasion, we set 2-3 short concrete and feasible goals for the next time we meet. Usually we meet every week or every two weeks. Here, a great deal of responsibility is placed on you to carry out the steps we have agreed upon.

You are offered a shorter free consultation between our meetings to help  you with your steps.


 What are the advantages of hiring an integration coach.


  1.  With the help of a professional coach who is used to ask thought-provoking or friendly challenging questions. Thru Empowering encouragement we can set an expectation of change as our own insights and discoveries are created. Here you can begin to see your own ability, The effects of that is more lasting because it is your own insights and discoveries.

  2.  A relationship is also built here that can give courage and self-confidence and the power needed to think ahead.

  3.  Specific joint goals are designed where you control the design.

  4.  In short: We give you a friendly welcome as a newly arrived person. We explore "what is your experience"? How can you use your personality? Do You have theoretical ability? or is it practical? what must i do now to move forward?

  5.  What is possible to build and use in Sweden? How do I change to become a person who enjoys and can contribute here.

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