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I really had no idea how or if coaching would work. Therefore, I have avoided that kind of roles for the last 15 years. I was a young and unprepared entrepreneur, who went right into the solid brick wall off staff not thinking like me.

I know I did not handle that properly even after the sheer shock had settled. Mistakes are piled up in my memory.

I know that there are people with more leadership from birth, but I know that there is a leader inside of me that looks different. Leader Role or not, there are some good results over the last couple of years that are highly appreciated from the company side.

My goal now, is therefore to identify what works best and embrace, identify and act upon the limited, but personal gifts that seems to impact things in a certain direction. 

This coaching trip has clearly made me more confident, and I also call myself a leader for nearly the first time ever. That is a huge step for a man that previously used to run the opposite direction as roles like that were presented.

Our coaching sessions helped me to identify my kind of leadership by talking and thinking of how it really works for me and stop comparing with the super leader. I'm glad for every one of them, but it is clearly not me. 

I Seem to be more of a “half-leader” that conducts things and people in the right way. The sessions also revealed to me that Jesus had similar ways of walking ahead and simply asked people to follow by their free will. It is that kind of leadership more than pushing staff towards something.

The creative environment is better preserved when people run by their own engines. I gladly provide the fuel. To be a recourse and trailblazer is what I do best for the moment and that involves project leadership. I am proud and very thankful to have had the opportunity to walk into the wasteland of denial and shame, pick up the good stuff and put it into work again.

The self-talking and self-healing method really struck me as an astonishingly clever one. Peter provided with the right questions and a lot of things theni handled themselves. Peter is a good and humble listener. He asks clever questions. The coaching sessions gave me a lot more than anticipated.

Thank you for good coaching Peter!

Eric Smederöd

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